Guiatel 15 Years

It was the 15 years !!! It was the 15, in the center of business formalities at Exponor, who was born Guiatel, Telecommunications Services Unipessoal Lda.

A family company where the head office and warehouse were a family garage in Mrs. Time and 6m2 office was in the family home in the center of Porto.

Born with a small bank loan and another family, it grew slowly over these 15 years …

The family grew, the Guiatel Sa, too … we are more, we are bigger, have more space … but we are the same, the same family …

We want this day to leave here our thanks to those who helped and accompanied in the last 15 years … Customers, suppliers, partners, friends and family of course ….

Thank you!!! Congratulations to all of us !!!

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